The conversation starts here.

Are you motivated by the success of others?

Do you want cooperation — not competition?

Do you enjoy co-creation?

Have you longed for ownership?

Are you a creative looking for a better way forward?

It’s 2020, we’re in startup mode. Join us.

Come together

Through a democratic process we direct the activities of our creative consultancy. We select our own leadership. Chose our clients and our co-owners.

Get self-directed

We are a worker self-directed cooperative. When we say “self-directed” we mean just that. Every member of Overture has one vote as
a member of Overture.

Join us

Join us in the discussion and in the creation of Overture. You’ll be determining how Overture represents itself in the world.

What’s involved in joining Overture?

The upside and the downside

On the surface it might seem like “the benefits of joining Overture are
abstract, and the drawbacks are concrete,” as Jessica, one of our founders,
pointed out the other day.

Send us an email

Tell us about your professional qualifications, your clients and why you’re a good fit for Overture. Email: info@overture.coop.

The interview

Once your email is received and if you’re a good fit we’ll schedule an
interview for you with the founder group. At this stage we require that you
interview with all five founders.


We’ve established a fee of $1000 as the buy-in. All members including the
five founders pay this fee. The buy-in is our initial source of capital. It will be
used only on approved expenditures like marketing.


Any operational decisions will be the subject of membership agreements.

Your clients become Overture clients

The other scary part is that you’ll have to turn all your clients into Overture clients. At start-up, Overture only has the clients the founders have brought in. We need your clients, and we need you to help us expand our reach beyond our core skills.

Creative breath is the goal and the offer — skilled creatives required

Our revenue is completely dependent on the clients we already have and those brought in by new owners. Our goal is to begin acquiring clients who are attracted to the depth of our experience and the breadth of our offer as soon as we can. But, frankly, at this point we’re more focused on getting members than clients. We really need as wide a variety of disciplines as possible in our initial launch, to show the world we’re something other than a design firm or an ad agency.

Why Overture?

Groups of creatives are able to charge more for their services than individual freelancers.

And there’s another factor. Studies have shown that cooperatives outperform their peer groups. Why? For the simple reason that when you own the organization, you’re far more motivated to do a great job for clients and your fellow members than when you’re working for someone else.

Member income

At Overture all client work will be paid for at market rates. Commissions will be paid for new clients and new members. And all members will be eligible for an equal share of the profits.

The soft upside

If you’re like us and most of the creatives we’ve worked with, the most important upside is the chance to work in a cooperative group. Overture offers us an opportunity to be a part of a community.


Overture is for creatives who are tired of working for fees that are kept
artificially low so management can line their pockets.


Overture is a subversive endeavor. We’re dedicated to building a sustainable income for our members. We believe democracy should be the foundation of our working life.

For us

Overture is not a nonprofit. We’re a for-profit enterprise dedicated to improving the financial and professional lives of our members.

Common purpose

You’ll need to be brave to join with us. There is risk involved. But with the risk comes the opportunity to share your professional life with others who have a common purpose. A chance to change the playing field for your benefit, with a group of highly motivated peers.

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