What is Overture?
Overture is a worker-owned, self-directed creative consultancy.

We are a cooperative. Our working life is organized as a democracy and we operate on the basis of “one-member, one vote.”

Overture is a cooperative dedicated to building a sustainable income for our members by countering the worst effects of capitalism.

We are for creatives that are tired of working for fees kept artificially low so that management can line their pockets.

Why Join Overture?
Becoming an active member of a cooperative isn’t for everyone. It requires a person who’s comfortable with disruption and is courageously motivated to challenge the status quo. It requires a person who is motivated by the success of everyone involved.

The magic of cooperative success begins to emerge when its members are engaged and begin to move forward in unison. Cooperative enterprises are successfully activated by knowing everyone does better, when everyone does better.

Cooperatives sustainably outperform their peer groups.

Why? When people own the organization they’re a part of, they are more motivated to do a great job for their clients and fellow members. Cooperatives empower the people who do the work.

Groups of creatives work more creatively.

Groups of creatives work more efficiently.

Overture offers an opportunity to work with a group of highly motivated peers and to share your professional life with others who have a common purpose.

How Do I Become a Member?
To qualify for membership, each potential member will first interview with Overture’s founders. When appropriate, a portfolio review will be part of the process. Email us now to join Overture!

We’ve established a fee of $1,000 as the buy-in. All members including the five founders pay this fee. The buy-in is our initial source of capital. It will be used only on approved expenditures like marketing.

Any operational decisions will be the subject of membership agreements.

Why Me?
We are focused on building membership. Overture success requires a broad member skill-set. During our initial launch, we intend to place ourselves in the market as something greater than a design firm or an ad agency.

Initially, Overture has the clients that its founders bring to it. In the next stage of membership, we ask you to transition your clients into Overture clients. We’ll need your clients to expand our offer and to build out Overture’s supporting infrastructure. Our revenue is completely dependent on the clients that all members bring in.

What’s the Financial Upside?
Overture is not a non-profit. We are a for-profit enterprise dedicated to improving the financial and emotional lives of our members. We will build a profitable organization.

Each member will receive an equal percentage of Overture’s profit at the end of each quarter. As our profit grows, so will each member’s quarterly share.

Respectively, as membership grows, each member’s monthly contribution will become a smaller percentage of the whole, and a larger percentage of each member’s contribution to our operating-expenses will be returned.

Overture Provides the Backbone.
Overture will provide the shared professional structure that supports our work. Immediate cooperative benefits will include bookkeeping and billing services; negotiation expertise; an office that is cleaned; a small business policy that will include general liability, professional liability, and commercial auto insurance; easy access to collaborative professionals who are on your team.

Groups of Creatives Can Charge More.
In our experience, groups are able to charge more than twice that which individual freelancers can charge for services. As you transition your clients into Overture clients, we will not ask you to jeopardize your existing client relationships by overwhelming fee changes. Yet, as we acquire native-Overture clients, all of our members will earn fees at the top of industry range.

Overture Pays Commission.
For each project you bring to Overture, you will receive 20% commission when the project is paid.

What Is the Greater Picture?
It is simple, really. If you’re like us, and most of the successful creatives we’ve worked with, the most important upside is the opportunity to work within a cooperative group. Overture offers its members an opportunity to run our own show and to create a supportive, sustainable community.

Make No Mistake
Overture is a subversive endeavor.
You’ll need to be brave to join with us.
There is risk involved.
With risk comes opportunity.

I’m ready to join Overture

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