A Falling Democracy: One Pole at a Time

The erosion of democracy begins quietly. Often by means that don’t violate the law, thumbing noses at process and subpoena power. Enabling power-consolidating legislation, and leaders with authoritarian impulses. Many democratic eroding strategies progress with the unspoken support of the people, activated in plain view through amendments or legislative process. These multiple small weakening steps […]

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In a world reshaped by COVID-19…

We all find ourselves living in a giant will-it-blend world of new socio-economic factors spinning us into new experiences. Driven to a large degree by the world’s populations and economies being intertwined more than ever before, it’s the unintended consequence of a flat Earth/global economy. What do we do to get through this and emerge […]

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Crossword Crossroad

A self-defining tale By Don Young. I loved school. I was a kid in a candy store when school was in session, all my senses were energized and brimming with expectation for the next new thing. Libraries were often my playgrounds, equal to the natural athletic prowess I demonstrated outdoors. I was one of the […]

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Brand Trust

Ambassadors, evangelists and advocates oh my. Brand trust is the underlying believability that the entirety of your brand experience summons. Brand trust informs the behavior and performance of business stakeholders. By creating a foundation of a strong brand connect with every stakeholder, it converts awareness to commitment… and reshapes people who have an indirect or […]

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Brand Speed

What is the speed of your brand? Building from our last post about Brand Trust, let’s turn toward brand speed. If your brand moves with an agile pace and cadence the market will look to your brand and ultimately reward you with business. We believe when brands and their people are unified by their reason […]

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