The COVID-19 Streets of Seattle

A quick iPhone video shot early this morning (May1, 2020). Ballard Streets empty. Place of former morning coffee crowds and busy breakfast joints. All quiet now.   Everything changed. I notice it most when we take our morning walks. Only a few parked cars and an occasional walker.   At first, I enjoyed the quiet. […]

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People gone, nature returns, digital rules

The raccoons were already common when I moved into Madison Park. Then one night on a dog walk, I saw my first coyote. She wasn’t a big one, but she was followed by two pups. Wary of me and the dogs. Careful, yes, but she seemed not afraid of a man and two big sheepdogs. […]

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Five steps to take when your client base dries up

This post was inspired by a conversation I had with a client a few weeks ago just as Seattle began to get serious about Covid-19. We were having coffee and talking about the effects of the virus on freelance work. It dawned on me that an easy to use action plan would be a great […]

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An Acoustic Guitar

The entrepreneurial experience… Drinking Black Russians in a room full of cigarette smoke. I must have been 23 or 24.  A small dark room. The stage was only one step up from the floor. The room so small I could smell the performer’s sweat. The only light was a couple spots on him as he […]

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Allie Runs

The entrepreneurial experience…My feet touch the ground with a light tap-tap-tapping sound. I love that feeling I get when I run. It’s a lightness. I’m alive, moving myself through the air, passing walkers and some runners. I’m running for the joy of it. The balls of my feet tap-tap-tapping my body along. Breathing deep, feeling […]

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Breakaway Day

A self-defining tale By Ted Leonhardt. It was long before dawn. Dark, really dark. Had to get to the Greyhound terminal. Couldn’t miss that bus. Nervous, excited, a little afraid, I grabbed my bag and with dad driving, and mom riding along we headed downtown. I’d packed the night before with new boots and enough […]

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Creative Co-op Selects the Name Overture

Our official name is Overture Creative Cooperative. Our url is Overture.coop. We view ourselves as “shooting for the stars:” Creating a democratic organization owned by creatives dedicated to helping creatives achieve sustainable income by providing creative services to clients who are helping people have better lives and the planet have a sustainable future. We’re in […]

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