Economic historians are increasingly agreed that slavey is the foundation of modern capitalism.   And economic slavery is still a source of corporate profits. Keeping our class system in place insures that low wage labor is available.   The Black Lives Matter movement has the potential to change the class game. A game that costs […]

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Essential worker

Back to work. We must keep the economy going. Back to work. You’re part of an essential industry. Back to work. We know it’s risky. Back to work. Somebody’s got to do it.   Profits over people is the message here. Sadly not enough “essential” brands seem to know that trading people’s lives for short […]

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“Be Afraid,” I said to myself

What does it mean for organizations, for brands and for the people who create them when our police are acting like a military force?   Is there a “right way” to mix the disturbing issues of our time with our careers? With the products and services we provide? Should we avoid the discussion or jump […]

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The Way We Speak About Law Enforcement

Overture Police Nomenclature Survey:    We put this survey together in June 2020 to understand how people across the creative and communications industries perceive public and personal security in relation to the language that surrounds law enforcement. Survey results and a free infographic are below.   Download the free infographic here.

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The COVID-19 Streets of Seattle

A quick iPhone video shot early this morning (May1, 2020). Ballard Streets empty. Place of former morning coffee crowds and busy breakfast joints. All quiet now.   Everything changed. I notice it most when we take our morning walks. Only a few parked cars and an occasional walker.   At first, I enjoyed the quiet. […]

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People gone, nature returns, digital rules

The raccoons were already common when I moved into Madison Park. Then one night on a dog walk, I saw my first coyote. She wasn’t a big one, but she was followed by two pups. Wary of me and the dogs. Careful, yes, but she seemed not afraid of a man and two big sheepdogs. […]

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Five steps to take when your client base dries up

This post was inspired by a conversation I had with a client a few weeks ago just as Seattle began to get serious about Covid-19. We were having coffee and talking about the effects of the virus on freelance work. It dawned on me that an easy to use action plan would be a great […]

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An Acoustic Guitar

The entrepreneurial experience… Drinking Black Russians in a room full of cigarette smoke. I must have been 23 or 24.  A small dark room. The stage was only one step up from the floor. The room so small I could smell the performer’s sweat. The only light was a couple spots on him as he […]

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Allie Runs

The entrepreneurial experience…My feet touch the ground with a light tap-tap-tapping sound. I love that feeling I get when I run. It’s a lightness. I’m alive, moving myself through the air, passing walkers and some runners. I’m running for the joy of it. The balls of my feet tap-tap-tapping my body along. Breathing deep, feeling […]

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Breakaway Day

A self-defining tale By Ted Leonhardt. It was long before dawn. Dark, really dark. Had to get to the Greyhound terminal. Couldn’t miss that bus. Nervous, excited, a little afraid, I grabbed my bag and with dad driving, and mom riding along we headed downtown. I’d packed the night before with new boots and enough […]

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