What is the speed of your brand?

Building from our last post about Brand Trust, let’s turn toward brand speed. If your brand moves with an agile pace and cadence the market will look to your brand and ultimately reward you with business.

We believe when brands and their people are unified by their reason for being and are able to move at the speed of trust, they will accomplish great things. And yes, brands in motion tend to stay in motion.

Understanding the strategic and tactical steps of achieving brand speed requires a deeper conversation than this short post will allow. However there’s a five element formula that winning brands in motion all recognize.

It’s about mobilizing your best assets against Specific, Measurable goals; that are Achievable, Reasonable and can be realized in a Timely manner (a different twist on SMART goals).

Assets may include your brand, culture, logistics, fans, partners, innovation, products and services. Your best assets are the ones that you can authentically claim, that leverage the inner truth of your organization and enable you to progressively disrupt and differentiate your brand.

Progressive disruption is another topic worth additional discussion. Of course if you’d like to know more right now, call us! We’re always excited to share with new partners.

Maybe in the future we’ll get into being a brand boss or what we call, wielding Brand CRED. So many topics.

So… what IS the speed of your brand? We’re here to help speed up your brand… your people.

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