People cooperate. People have a belief in abstract concepts … and that means we have a belief in story.

As creative thinkers, we are interested in taking advantage of the inherent traits that are shared by all humans.

It’s human to share.

In our careers as creatives, we’ve all spent too much time working on our own. These days, designers, writers, illustrators, web developers contract and freelance, which often means working from home and working in isolation. We’re tired of that. We want to come together and be inspired by each other—think bigger by combining our ideas.

It’s human to abstract.

This abstract thinking is what leads to the creation of stories, design, even language.

As creative thinkers we understand where humans find meaning.

We want to help you distill meaning. Know your story. Tell your story.

If you’re focused on redesigning packaging or simply creating a brand, you’re looking at it the wrong way.

You need to be thinking about all the best ways the people of your organization can reach out to other people.

Let us help you do that.

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