The Overture SNAP

We started the surveys to connect creative professionals with each other through issues we felt of interest. Issues that are growing increasingly volatile.  Twenty-twenty kicked in with political anger at an all-time high and increasing alarm over global warming. Then came the pandemic shortly followed by the police murder of George Floyd. Black lives matter […]

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Economic historians are increasingly agreed that slavey is the foundation of modern capitalism.   And economic slavery is still a source of corporate profits. Keeping our class system in place insures that low wage labor is available.   The Black Lives Matter movement has the potential to change the class game. A game that costs […]

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“Be Afraid,” I said to myself

What does it mean for organizations, for brands and for the people who create them when our police are acting like a military force?   Is there a “right way” to mix the disturbing issues of our time with our careers? With the products and services we provide? Should we avoid the discussion or jump […]

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If you didn’t work online before Covid-19, you do now. Your writing should be targeted for those online audiences. Because so many of us scroll through websites, we tend to think people read faster online. But we actually read about 25% slower when we’re looking at a screen. We’re also more likely to skim rather […]

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Color your way to sanity!

One of my favorite aspirational brands is Bludot. They make modern furniture that sometimes has a mid-century feel. It is generally out of my budget, although I do own one of their coat racks. (Hey, big spender!) Point being, I haven’t furnished my space in their work, but I like to look. Recently, they released […]

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Finding work in a changing world

“Become a trusted resource to people. … I don’t think you can do wrong when your intent is being of service to others right now,” Don Young, Overture member. Overture members recently gathered with creatives from around the world to talk about ways to find work in this shifting economy. Here is a clip from […]

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Daisy Cares

The weight loss clinic By Jessica Knapp. “Good morning Robert. Thanks for coming in.” “Hi Daisy.” “Here, let me help you with your shoes.” Of all of the difficult conversations in healthcare, talking about weight is one of the most difficult. Weight is so stigmatized. We all like to sit in denial when we’ve put […]

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Real Rage. Retail Rage.

“We’re sorry to inform you that your package is delayed.” “What do you mean? Late? It’s Christmas! You promised!” “Your package will arrive in time for Christmas.” “No! No, no, no! It has to be here when you said. I paid extra! It’s Christmas! I’m traveling! I have plans! It’s family time!” “We’re sorry.  Unfortunately we […]

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Brand Trust

Ambassadors, evangelists and advocates oh my. Brand trust is the underlying believability that the entirety of your brand experience summons. Brand trust informs the behavior and performance of business stakeholders. By creating a foundation of a strong brand connect with every stakeholder, it converts awareness to commitment… and reshapes people who have an indirect or […]

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What Unites Us?

People cooperate. People have a belief in abstract concepts … and that means we have a belief in story. As creative thinkers, we are interested in taking advantage of the inherent traits that are shared by all humans. It’s human to share. In our careers as creatives, we’ve all spent too much time working on […]

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