Economic historians are increasingly agreed that slavey is the foundation of modern capitalism.   And economic slavery is still a source of corporate profits. Keeping our class system in place insures that low wage labor is available.   The Black Lives Matter movement has the potential to change the class game. A game that costs […]

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Essential worker

Back to work. We must keep the economy going. Back to work. You’re part of an essential industry. Back to work. We know it’s risky. Back to work. Somebody’s got to do it.   Profits over people is the message here. Sadly not enough “essential” brands seem to know that trading people’s lives for short […]

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“Be Afraid,” I said to myself

What does it mean for organizations, for brands and for the people who create them when our police are acting like a military force?   Is there a “right way” to mix the disturbing issues of our time with our careers? With the products and services we provide? Should we avoid the discussion or jump […]

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Three Mantras that are Helping me Right Now

I find myself turning to mantras to get me through these difficult days. There is something soothing about the repetition and simple wisdom of the words. The first one is from a yoga class I took a couple of months ago. My instructor told us “Trust your equipment.” She meant the phrase in a physical […]

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An Acoustic Guitar

The entrepreneurial experience… Drinking Black Russians in a room full of cigarette smoke. I must have been 23 or 24.  A small dark room. The stage was only one step up from the floor. The room so small I could smell the performer’s sweat. The only light was a couple spots on him as he […]

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