The Way We Speak About Law Enforcement

Overture Police Nomenclature Survey:    We put this survey together in June 2020 to understand how people across the creative and communications industries perceive public and personal security in relation to the language that surrounds law enforcement. Survey results and a free infographic are below.   Download the free infographic here.

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The COVID-19 Streets of Seattle

A quick iPhone video shot early this morning (May1, 2020). Ballard Streets empty. Place of former morning coffee crowds and busy breakfast joints. All quiet now.   Everything changed. I notice it most when we take our morning walks. Only a few parked cars and an occasional walker.   At first, I enjoyed the quiet. […]

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Three Mantras that are Helping me Right Now

I find myself turning to mantras to get me through these difficult days. There is something soothing about the repetition and simple wisdom of the words. The first one is from a yoga class I took a couple of months ago. My instructor told us “Trust your equipment.” She meant the phrase in a physical […]

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Donut madness

This is a story of one day in my abusive relationship. It’s not about a particularly bad day. Nothing especially traumatic happened. But even now, years since I’ve left that relationship, this day plays over in my mind a lot. Why? I’m not entirely sure. One possible reason is that this incident is a good […]

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Real Rage. Retail Rage.

“We’re sorry to inform you that your package is delayed.” “What do you mean? Late? It’s Christmas! You promised!” “Your package will arrive in time for Christmas.” “No! No, no, no! It has to be here when you said. I paid extra! It’s Christmas! I’m traveling! I have plans! It’s family time!” “We’re sorry.  Unfortunately we […]

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