In a world reshaped by COVID-19…

We all find ourselves living in a giant will-it-blend world of new socio-economic factors spinning us into new experiences. Driven to a large degree by the world’s populations and economies being intertwined more than ever before, it’s the unintended consequence of a flat Earth/global economy. What do we do to get through this and emerge […]

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Donut madness

This is a story of one day in my abusive relationship. It’s not about a particularly bad day. Nothing especially traumatic happened. But even now, years since I’ve left that relationship, this day plays over in my mind a lot. Why? I’m not entirely sure. One possible reason is that this incident is a good […]

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Daisy Cares

The weight loss clinic By Jessica Knapp. “Good morning Robert. Thanks for coming in.” “Hi Daisy.” “Here, let me help you with your shoes.” Of all of the difficult conversations in healthcare, talking about weight is one of the most difficult. Weight is so stigmatized. We all like to sit in denial when we’ve put […]

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