The erosion of democracy begins quietly. Often by means that don’t violate the law, thumbing noses at process and subpoena power. Enabling power-consolidating legislation, and leaders with authoritarian impulses.

Many democratic eroding strategies progress with the unspoken support of the people, activated in plain view through amendments or legislative process. These multiple small weakening steps result in the cumulative effect of dismantling democracies, leaving an unstable veneer.

Like our failing infrastructures, the channels of true and clear communication become shaky, erratic and unstable. Like the utility poles here in the Pacific Northwest, when there’s a breeze barely above a whisper, the poles fall.

It’s often true that the most serious threats to democracies and citizenry livelihoods are hiding in plain sight. Like the failing utility poles, they quietly lean, then topple. They don’t come to our door like wolves baring teeth and claws. Howling for blood.

This is the perfect time (right now always is) to do a reset. Do we have the courage to disrupt the patterns of acceptance that have led us to the precipice? What can each of us do to make a progressive change? Let’s tear down century’s old habits and build again. Step back.

At Overture we believe the power of cooperative creative communities can affect progressive change. And is why we believe today is the best day to start.

Let’s be better today than yesterday. And better tomorrow than we are today, before too many of our poles fall.


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