We all find ourselves living in a giant will-it-blend world of new socio-economic factors spinning us into new experiences. Driven to a large degree by the world’s populations and economies being intertwined more than ever before, it’s the unintended consequence of a flat Earth/global economy.

What do we do to get through this and emerge into what will likely be a permanently re-shaped world?

Lifting lockdowns too quickly will foster second and third waves of pandemic activation, and doing nothing is not in our human nature. We adapt and we move forward. Can’t stop now!

Here are eight clues/trends to help us uncover tomorrow’s opportunities and make a forward-looking plan.

  1. Local supply chains will become more robust to limit reliance on remote supply chains. (give us regional stability)
  2. There’s an emerging bias to shop, work, and play online. (online laggards will evolve or die)
  3. The risk of the digital divide becoming a chasm is real. Broadband access for all must happen.
  4. Home-bias will increase dramatically. The proximity effect will attract people toward preferences to work, live, and play closer to home.
  5. Healthcare for all becomes a more accepted view.
  6. Telemedicine will accelerate as regulatory barriers fall.
  7. More trust in experts and data as we’re hungry for fact-based honesty.
  8. New ways of learning and preparing for the jobs of the future will be a boost-up for online education.


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