If you didn’t work online before Covid-19, you do now.

Your writing should be targeted for those online audiences.

Because so many of us scroll through websites, we tend to think people read faster online. But we actually read about 25% slower when we’re looking at a screen. We’re also more likely to skim rather than deeply read content when the words are online.

To be successful writers of words on the internet, we need to make sure our content conforms to the medium.

Here are my top tips for online writing:

Short sentences and paragraphs.
Avoid long sentences and paragraphs. The text should be concise and easy to read.

Simplify wording when possible.
Don’t overly complicate your phrasing. Especially if you’re doing so to sound more business-like or more professional. Online writing is best when it’s conversational and down-to-earth.

Phrases—incomplete sentences—are ok.
Incomplete sentences ok. Don’t need subject and verb. Phrases work. Reader is skimming.

Bold essential words and phrases.
Work with the skimmers. Bold the words and phrases that are most essential. What key phrases does the reader need to see in order to grasp the essence of your writing?

You need less copy than you think.
Before you write your website copy, look around at websites you like. They probably have a lot less text than you imagined. You only need enough words to make an impression on your readers and introduce yourself, briefly. 


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    admin Reply May 1, 2020 at 4:24 pm

    I love your clarity. Your message of simplicity is reinforced by the directness of your delivery in the video. Thanks for posting Jessica! Ted

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