We started the surveys to connect creative professionals with each other through issues we felt of interest. Issues that are growing increasingly volatile. 

Twenty-twenty kicked in with political anger at an all-time high and increasing alarm over global warming.

Then came the pandemic shortly followed by the police murder of George Floyd. Black lives matter protests erupted with people turning to the streets in numbers not seen since the 1960s.

Now we’re rapidly closing in on a presidential election with threats of voter suppression in the news daily and an inauguration threatened with the possibility of violence. Manipulation by foreign governments hangs in the wings.

Along the way we’ve learned that the gap between rich and poor is at its greatest in modern history. Worse, the wealth of billionaire’s has been accelerated by the very pandemic that’s created massive unemployment for the rest of us.

At Overture we believe that creatives should speak out on these growing and increasingly dangerous issues. That’s not something we would have said or supported earlier in our careers given the risks of losing clients.

We created the three question yes/no Snap format to make it quick and easy to complete the survey. We felt that with including a place for people to add their thoughts we’d get deeper, richer results. This way respondents can take as little or as much time as they like with the survey.

Thanks to coverage by Larry Coffman and MarketingNW we’ve expanded our reach beyond our personal social media channels.

We’re intending to continue to do a new Snap survey every two weeks at least through inauguration day. 

Trust survey from October 01-08, 2020.

Take a Stand Survey from August, 2020

Trust survey from July, 2020.


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